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Erin & Jason Brammer @ A.R.O.M.A.

After meeting Jason Brammer during the October 2008 Chicago Artist’s Month showing at 4Art’s old Pilsen location, this dynamic artist has continued to amaze me with his work ethic, unique viewpoint, and boundless energy. While watching Jason’s weekend long live-installation back in 2008, it became patently obvious that he was nowhere near the “run-of-the-mill” live painter. So, I got his information from his incredibly capable business manager and wife, Erin Brammer, and soon after booked Jason to perform/paint at A.R.O.M.A. , a monthly multidisciplinary, world music-based, artistic showcase at the now-defunct sonotheque nightclub. Jason’s work fit seamlessly into a fantastic night of music, art, fashion, and food and I’ve made it a point to follow his career because it was obvious that this talented artist was going places, and fast!

Fast forward to 2011: Not only is Jason Brammer known around Chicago in the gallery world, but his work has been featured in restaurants, recording studios, private residences, and even the LinkedIn offices downtown. Under the tireless direction of his former project manager wife, Jason has emerged as a rare breed of artist; a talented painter with a comparably equipped, independent marketing campaign. With a highly functional website, facebook presence, as well as an email newsletter, the Brammer duo appears to be hellbent on leaving behind the mythical “starving artist” image and showing the world that with the right infrastructure, great art is good business.

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So, this coming Friday May 6, 2011, checkout the opening reception of the Futura Obscura Solo Exhibit, Jason’s newest exhibition at the Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park. You’ll be able to witness first-hand the rise of this talented artist and his unique vision which melds images and objects, from the past, present, and the foreseeable future into a wonderfully dark yet whimsical collage. I also highly recommend picking up a piece or two  for yourself; I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it will indeed be a prudent investment!


– Anika Tené